Why LBM?

Invaluable insights at an affordable price.

We know you need a partner that is an expert in research but also knows your industry.  And you have limited time and budget so you need a firm that doesn’t require a lot of “hand holding” yet is affordable.

These principles represent the cornerstone of Left Brain Marketing and how we deliver exceptional value to our clients.

1Research Expertise
Surprisingly, many firms employ research analysts with little or no formal research or statistical training. Our team of professionals have advanced degrees in marketing research and extensive experience to provide you with professional, consultative service and information you can trust. To see a profile of LBM team members, click here.

2Industry Knowledge
We do not try to be all things to all people. Instead, we focus on industries where we have extensive knowledge and/or experience. This includes:

  • Marine
  • Recreation
  • Hospitality (restaurants, lodging)
  • Lawn and garden
  • Fitness
  • Durables

3Low Overhead Cost
Our business model involves hiring top notch talent who collaborate without the expensive overhead of a central office. As a result, our clients end up paying for quality people’s time, not for a fancy building, a large administrative staff, a slick ad campaign or a generous entertainment budget. In most cases, our costs are at our below that of our competitors.

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