T.U.R.F Plus Analysis

S-T-R-E-T-C-H your media dollars.

Do you rely on magazines and/or TV to reach target customers or drive them to your website? If so, you know the challenges of achieving your marketing goals with a limited or shrinking budget. Allocating your media dollars wisely is critical. This is where a T.U.R.F Plus analysis can help.

T.U.R.F Plus (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) is a technique offered by Left Brain Marketing to identify the optimum mix of magazine and/or TV choices to achieve your “reach” goals. It starts with an online survey among target customers to identify media usage habits. From an analysis of this data, the media option with the lowest cost per target customer reached is identified. Then, the item with the lowest incremental cost is selected and so on until your reach goals are achieved.

The cost for a T.U.R.F Plus analysis is $2,995 plus respondent recruitment and incentives. And, the survey module can even be “piggybacked” or combined with another survey for even greater savings.

To learn more about how a T.U.R.F Plus analysis can help you save money and stretch your media dollars, check out our white paper.

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