Standardized Solutions

Fast, Informative and Affordable.

Standardized solutions are pre-defined surveys developed by Left Brain Marketing to address common business issues. While some minor customization is permitted, the advantage of using a standardized solution is that the cost and turnaround time is less since much of the developmental work has already been invested.

The following are standardized solutions currently offered. Click on each for additional information.

  • Customer loyalty and retention – find out what your retention rate is, where your customers are migrating to and why.
  • Web visitor analysis – determine who is visiting your website, how they discovered it, what information they were looking for, and how well the site met their information needs.
  • Magazine/TV optimization (T.U.R.F Plus Analysis) – identifies the most cost efficient combination of magazines and/or TV shows to reach your target market.

    For more information on our standardized solutions, click on this link to send an request. Or, check out our custom solutions for other research needs.

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