Research Types & Topics

Help with business issues from A to Z.

We have conducted 100s of studies over the years and have faced most every business or marketing issue imaginable from determining which logo to use to figuring out how to grow an entire industry. Though every project is somewhat unique, chances are we have faced similar issues to yours multiple times.

We offer two general types of research services to address your informational needs in a cost efficient manner:

Custom Solutions
In many cases, you need a research solution that is unique to your business and/or your issues. LBM has assisted clients on a wide array of business issues including new product development, advertising and positioning evaluation, brand image tracking, logo or name evaluation, packaging, product design/styling, pricing, distribution strategy, customer satisfaction, customer needs/want assessment and more. Click here for more information on our custom research solutions.

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Standardized Solutions
These are research solutions to common business issues that can be addressed in a largely consistent fashion. By standardizing the approach, the cost and turnaround time is generally less than that of a fully customized solution. Click here to see a list of standardized services currently offered by LBM.

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