Custom Solutions

Research designed for your specific needs.

Do you have a challenging question or business issue? We can develop a custom-tailored solution to meet your needs. And we have helped clients with a wide variety of tactical and strategic issues ranging from what color logo to use to identifying how to grow an entire category.

Click on the tabs below to see a list of the more common research issues we have assisted clients with by topic.

  • Product needs and wants assessment
  • Concept screening and evaluation
  • Product improvement and optimization
  • Styling/graphics or packaging evaluation
  • Product usage clinics
  • Customer needs and wants assessment
  • Attitudes and usage
  • Customer profiling
  • Segmentation analysis
  • Response analysis
  • Brand image and awareness tracking
  • Brand positioning evaluation
  • Advertising evaluation
  • Media consumption and evaluation
  • Brand/product name evaluation
  • Logo evaluation
  • Consumer satisfaction tracking/evaluation
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Dealer/retailer satisfaction tracking/evaluation
  • Customer loyalty and defection analysis
  • Drivers of satisfaction analysis
  • Perceived price/value assessment
  • Price sensitivity analysis
  • Strategic plan development/assistance
  • Web visitor analysis

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